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March 28, 2011

I just haven't figutred out how they aim HAARP frequencies to exact locations as yet. But I am starting to grasp how it works.
Do read and study this excellent website for more details.


Because as our brother mentions HAARP has both high and LOW FREQUENCY capabilities. And to induce Earthquakes the
LOW range is needed and used. Why because ULF can penteatrate the Earth, and when matching the exact Earth resonance of
the Rock below, then it becomes a means of moving or swinging it like a pendulum more and more with each beat.

But it takes time to increase the modulation or pressure of the force below to eventually cause a stress so high that the fault
line has to give, yielding the Earthquake they are trying to induce. They broadcast as this author suggest at .9 to 1 hertz, as that
is the resonant frequency of rock or Earth. So like a macrhing army of soldiers across a bridge, the resulting rythmic beat can
cause the bridge to collapse.

Or as Tesla found out using his brilliant mind, just a little push in syche with his elctrical apparatus and he caused his whole
building to almost collapse. It just takes a little time to keep pushing at exactly the right time.

So there is a time lag between turning on HAARP before its billion watts aimed at a sub strata, to making that strata break and
overlap and cause an Earthquake. This is why people see psychedelic clouds in the sky about thirty minutes or so before
HAARP earthquakes. The ionsphere is heating up, HAARP is bouncing ULF waves into the Earth, and the clouds are showing
this acitivity.

Again check this website and view the Youtube video before the Shechim Earthquake in China. For these same clouds were also
seen before the New Zealand Earthquake and the Japanese Earthquake.


I would postulate that natural Earthquakes do not do this, but only give off signals or noise or signs only seconds before a
major Earthquake. Do the research and decide for yourself, if in fact these coloured wierd clouds show that electrostatic charges
are making them disclour and light up just before a deeper ULF induces an Earthquake.

But if I were you, I would take it as a warning, and as a warning that governments and the NWO is trying to shake up the
Earth, in its efforts to take over the world, and it doesn;t care at all about how many lives it kills or whether it destroys the
whole Earth.



March 29, 2011

HAARP records show timing in clouds

The question becomes did HAARP transmitter records show that the HAARP facilities were transmitting at the time of the
Japanese earthquakes. The answer a resounding YES. But the cloud formations that precluded the Earthquake seemed to
appear about a half hour before the earthquake. So was there a peak in transmissions intensity a half hour before the earthquake

So we go back to the records... and look


And sure enough if you look closely, at the graph, the maximum peak is about an hour before the earthquake happenned, on
Gakona and Poker Flats records. Enough time to change the colours of the clouds, and then cause the 9.0 Earthquake.

For again realise it takes time to build up the vibration of the Earth's plates by continusiously hitting its resonant frequency in
perfect timing to make it vibrate more and MORE until it broke and caused this massive destruction through water and land
and then nuclear fire.

And Yes, there be the proof in my opinion.

It is written in stone and on their graphs.

HAARP Clouds before Earthquakes