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(Written in 2001)

1. The Lord's Fellowship is merely a group of Christians associating together in the 'love of the Lord'.

2. Our aim is to help one another and support one another through past hurts and abuses and present
battles in hopes of strengthening each other now and in the future.

3. We are Biblically based in doctrine but allow divergence of opinion or interopretation and therefore
do not dictate any particular dogma or doctrine other than simple basic loving and respectful

4. We believe in the freedom of choice of each of our members to choose his or her own Christian
convictions according to their own personal faith.

5. We believe in the personal responsibility of each of us to treat our fellow brethren with the respect
we would hope they would treat us with as the Lord instructed us. Yet we won't be dictating a certain
lifestyle, a particular personality trait, a specific nationality slant, or racial bias among our members or
visitors. All are welcome.

6.We believe in the equality of every individual at our fellowship and oppose any artificial elevating of
any to hierarchial status above the rest. We are All equal in the LORD.

7.We believe in the equality of men and women and oppose the degradation of either gender.

8. We don't believe in racism, or one worldly nation or nationality being any better than any other
nationality, for the Lord created us ALL. All will be treated the same irregardless of their heritage,
material possessions, colour of their skin, number of talents they possess, or any other attribute.

9. We believe in children and respecting them. Yet we believe their parents, singular or plural, civilly
registered or not, are responsible for their upbringing and the hard decisions involving their upbringing.
We hope to help any that might want suggestions, etc, but in no way want to interfer with the parents
God-given rights and responsibilities.

10. We hope not to judge anyone even so-called children merely by their age, knowing 'out of the
mouth of babes and sucklings, has the Lord ordained strength and sometimes wisdom. We want All to
feel welcome whether they are seniors, adults, teenagers, or the children of members or visitors. Our
fellowships are intended to be safe, friendly, non-aggressive or intimidating places for fellowship.

11. We believe in a good time, having fun together as a group, and therefore hope to encourage all to
enter in, with no cliques or special elite groups forming.

12. We believe in the laws of the country we reside in and advocate obediance to them.

13. We do not believe ina leadership hierachy at our fellowships as all are entitled to their opinions and
views, with no one's opinion however strong deemed any more correct than any other opinion.

14. We believe in discussions and debate as long as they stay objective and not subjective. We hope
people will feel free to talk about even negative things in the past, if done in the spirit of searching for
a solution or a type of healing. We want positive growth, resolution, reconciliation and physical and
spiritual healing but won't condem any if they don't seem to be making progress.Everything is done
via the choice of the individual in their time.

15. We have no absolute doctrine except that Jesus is the answer or has the answer. Each one has to
find it for themselves.

16. We generally accept the Bible to be the WORD of God and believe that Jesus Christ was His only
begotten Son, who died on the cross for our sins. We recognize the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the
Trinity, and believe that God is love and that He wants us to demonstrate His love one to another.

17. We believe in charitable acts in word and deed,and heart, but will have no quotas or standards or
expectations. What people do for the Lord is up to them. We would hope that none would be able to
boast of anything except the Lord's love, so none would be condemned by their apparrent more
service of others. We don't want to compete with one another,it's all by choice.

18. We believe in reconciliations from the heart, but don't believe in forcing them as it must come
from the heart in each's time according to each's faith.

19. We don't believe in using Bible verses, prayer or prophecy as a weapon of intimidation. We would
hope that each individual would hear from the Lord for themselves rather than leaning onto supposedly
hear for them.

20. We believe in being natural, being ourselves our real selves without cover-ups and without the
pretense of pretending to be holy. We don't want to be self-righteous, knowing that Jesus is the only
thing righteous about us.

21 . We believe in a newday, so that those that have made mistakes in the past can still come without
condemnation, realizing that we All are sinners, saved only by the Grace of God.

22. We believe in fellowshipping, in being in the same ship as our fellows even if only for a little time.
We enjoy what we have in common, some of the things of the past we have shared, and want to
better understand our unique dfferences in the Lord.

23. We want our fellowships to be inspiring, rewarding and beneficial bringing ourselves closer to
each other and to the Lord.

24. We believe in LOVE

These are the kind of standards of love and acceptance and belief that we might personnally
'fellowship under'
Fellowship Guidelines