Health and Healing

                                       EXERCISE, REST and SLEEP
                       (The following is just guidelines and suggestions not rules and laws)

              Exercise is one of the prime requirements for good health. Regularly get at least
              an hour of good physical exercise outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine if

              Vigorous exercise in the long run creates energy rather than using it up. During
              exercise, the circulatory and respiratory systems are stimulated and the blood
              begins to surge through your body, oxygen and nutrients are fed to the cells of
              tissues and the accumulated waste products are removed. Often exercise is a
              good substitute for a good nap when feeling drowsy, if you’re not tired because of
              illness or a lack of sleep the night before.

              A pleasant side effect from exercise is that it acts almost as a tranquilizer – it
              seems to literally drain away your tensions as you go. The mental and emotional
              fatigue that comes at the end of a trying but sedentary day can be almost
              miraculously dispelled with a little physical exercise.

              Exercise is known to reduce high blood pressure – often a forerunner of heart
              disease—and results in a bigger, stronger heart. The more the heart or any
              muscle is exercised, the bigger and stronger it becomes. But don’t exercise
              beyond your capacity, and never indulge in strenuous exercise too soon after

              Nearly all types of pulmonary diseases, lung trouble, asthma, tuberculosis and
              others are aggravated—if not caused—by inactivity, lack of exercise, lack of fresh
              air and a lack of sunshine.

              Your body was built for activity, it wasn’t built just to sit or lie around all day. It
              was built for vigorous motion, work and exercise!

              A walk is one of the best kinds of exercise in the world for you because you get
              out in the fresh air and sunshine. It’s inspiring, invigorating and you get fresh air to
              flush out your lungs and your blood stream.—So don’t’ fail to get out every day!

              Jogging has come under increasing criticism from the medical profession as
              potentially dangerous to good health because it causes undue stress and fatigue,
              but walking, swimming, gardening and sports such as badminton etc. are all safe
              and healthy ways to exercise.

              The sign on the wall told the simple story: “Directions for Body Use: If let sitting
              too long, will tend to sag and settle on its bottom. Shake well daily in fresh air
              and sunshine.

                                               REST and SLEEP

              Another “mustâ€� for good health is to sleep right. Try to get on a regular schedule
              of seven to nine hours of unbroken sleep a night, or whatever you need.

              One of the worst things you can do when you first go to bed is to talk or start
              thinking about your problems or your worries or your work, as it will just keep you
              awake. Talk about pleasant things or enjoy loving sex. There is hardly anything
              more conducive to sleep than that blissful relaxed feeling you have after making
                                                                                                         written by David Berg

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