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The story of the prodigal son is the story of Ephraim’s return to YHVH

The parable of the return of the prodigal son’s return home is the story of Ephraim’s return to his Heavenly Father.  
Yeshua told this parable while in the house of a Pharisee where Yeshua was invited to break bread on the Sabbath. It was when
the Pharisees’ and Sadducees’ present began to complain about Yeshua welcoming sinners and eating with them that He
told this parable. I believe Yeshua told this parable for two reasons:   (1). To show His mercy for the lost and returning ones of
Israel-for He came for the lost sheep of Israel. (2). To rebuke Judah-represented by the Pharisees and Sadducees for his anger
and contempt for returning Israel.

This parable depicts Ephraim’s return to the Father in the following ways:

1. The prodigal went to a foreign land as was prophesied in Amos 7:11:

“..Israel shall surely be led away captive from their own land.â€�  This had been prophesied in light of the many
transgressions of Israel against YHVH. (She has traveled extensively, before and after marriage)

2. The prodigal lived  in sin but the father knew he would return to fulfill his calling

(She had open affairs, even when her husband was in office, smoking marijuna and did a number of improper things at state
dinners, etc.)   In Zechariah 10:8-10 it was prophesied that YHVH would whistle or call for Ephraim/Israel and YHVH said He
would draw them back. In Hosea 10:11 we are told the Father said of Ephraim:  
“Ephraim is a trained heifer that loves to
thresh grain; but I harnessed her  fair neck, I  will make Ephraim pull a plow..â€�
A plow is used to  break up fallow ground-
ground that had become hard due to lack of use-which is likened to the heart of lost Israel.  YHVH was saying those He once
called “not my peopleâ€� would become “My peopleâ€�again.   (Trained heifer, in other words she is a FEMALE, but
the Lord shall harass this wild spirit, and she shall serve the Lord)

3. The prodigal son was hungry

In Amos 8:11 we read:  â€œBehold, the days are coming,â€� says the Lord God, that I will send a famine on the land, not a
famine of bread, nor a  thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the  Lord..â€�    Prodigal living makes us hungry for the
good food, the meat. Today in America there is a famine of the word of YHVH.  Many words are being spoken, even
prophesied but they do not come from the true prophets of YHVH. Ephraim is beginning to feel as though he is wasting away
because he is only being offered the elementary milk of the Word. He desires to be filled with the nourishment of meat. He
desires to be a John  4:34 type of guy after the example of Yeshua: “My food is to do the will of Him who  sent Me, and  to
finish  His work.â€�
She wants the truth, but has never gotten it from the world. Therefore her life has been in turmoil, and lead her to severe
depression, as she can not sort out her life

4. The prodigal wanted to eat the pig slop

Obviously this describes Ephraim because Judah wants nothing to do with pigs.  Judah won’t touch pork.  Today Ephraim
celebrates Easter with the Easter ham.  He denies the Feasts of the Lord and the foundation of the law and the prophets. He
has taken in false words, false doctrines and the traditions of man as truth but they are likened to the pig slop of this parable.
Although Ephraim has been wallowing in the pig slop of the world he will repent, he is beginning to repent and return home.  
The Father awaits his arrival with open arms.

5. The prodigal came to his senses and began to repent of his sins

Jeremiah 31:18-19:  â€œI have surely heard Ephraim bemoaning himself: ‘You have chastised me, and I was chastised, like an
untrained bull: restore me, and I will return, for you are the Lord my God.  Surely, after my turning, I repented; and after I was
instructed, I struck myself on the thigh; I was ashamed, yes, even humiliated, because I bore the reproach of my youth.’�

6. The prodigal’s father yearned for his return

In Jeremiah 31:19-20 the Father says:  
“Is Ephraim My dear son?  Is he a delightful child?  For though I spoke against him I
earnestly remember him still; therefore My heart yearns for him; I will surely have mercy on him, says the Lord.
â€�  The
word “yearned� as used by our Heavenly Father in this passage tells us the Father has a deep and never-ending
compassion and love for his lost son Ephraim’s return to Him.  The Father’s loving-kindness endures forever. His heart
aches for the return of His son and with that heartache there is an equally consistent wooing-like intercession for his return.

In our parable we read that the father saw his son returning from a distance away.  The father yearned for his lost son’s
return.  In Psalm 33:18 YHVH said He keeps Ephraim as the apple of His yes.  The Father’s eyes are ever upon those who
fear Him.  The Father’s love for Ephraim has never waned.  The lost son has always been upper-most in his heart.  In each
generation since the dispersion YHVH has kept watch over his lost son.  He has called out to Him and even sent His Son to
gather the lost ones of Israel.  This parable tells us of the deep and never-ending love for those who have wandered off and
squandered their inheritance among the heathens of the nations.  It should be both a comfort and motivator to us in our own
return to YHVH.
And we have seen YHWH’s daughter returning from afar, even though right NOW she may not know it

7. The prodigal’s older brother was displeased and angry over his younger brother’s return.

The church people and Christian organizations shall be truly upset that she did not come from their ranks, and they shall be
jealous, seeing they will accuse her of being a profligate whorish sinner, but she will be the Lord's chosen to rule and reign over
the HOUSE OF THE LORD, His High Priestess of His Tabernacle.


Ephraim is Prodigal Daughter