As you might have read King David bought Ornan's threshing floor, for its full it was there that the angel of the
Lord told him to build an altar unto the Lord.

And it was there that King David got the specific template of construction from the Lord for the temple, that his son
Solomon was to build. Because David had bloodied his hands in rape and murder and trusting in the arm of the flesh,
the building temple was left for Solomon to perform.

But in this chapter, you will notice that the sweet Lord, told David to choose what destruction and punishment that He
the Lord would bring upon Israel for King David's sin of..... counting Israel.

Yes, counting the number of fighting men you have .... or your wealth, or your position or the number in your church
congregation is a huge sin. Why, because you are trusting in others and not the Lord, you are trusting in the arm of the
flesh and not the arm of the Lord to deliver you. It is is huge SIN.

For no one can deliver or liberate except the Lord. No country will liberate you, no church minister can liberate any of
us, ONLY the LORD. We can not trust in numbers or membership.

We can never have too little members to be heard by the Lord, for His standard is ONE on ONE, of individuals that truly
trust in HIM as individuals with individual FAITH. groupies get no where as they trust in their group, whether a
nationality, a tribe, a political party, a military organization, a wealthy civic group, an esoteric group, or whatever.
groupies trust in their group not in their individual FAITH.

So again, may you read that chapter and see that each of us has to individually seek the Lord, and not trust in numbers or
others to liberate us, as the liberation has to come from the hard work of facing the Lord one on one.

Just a further thought for you, as there are so many lessons to learn from Bible History.

Don't trust in Numbers
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