Actually I have no hopes or dreams that we will all gather together before the Tribulation. Maybe in small individualistic groups
secretly and very descreetly, but NO, not in the open, and especially not on property we have bought as a community, nor in houses
we have built as a community. Building a Christian commune, just won;t work. Heaven forbid, because if we did, we would have to
give up to many of our freedoms, that will make us strong in the End Time.

For I believe in individuality and CHOICE, and would ONLY give up my and our freedoms to the LORD HIMSELF. I personnally
will never follow a group or a man again. ( SEE
Who will you follow ) And in the Tribulation, I believe we (Trixie and family) will
want absolute PROOF of the Lord's Encampment being lead by Him, before ever stepping foot inside. Mind you THEN, we would
surely have to pass His supernatural testing to get IN. (Consider
Shepherds rod and entrance test)

There are immense problems facing communes NOW, the world is absolutely opposed to them, and none that I know of have
worked. NONE. I mean communes literally got its concept from the communal lifestyle of the early church, and back THEN they were
giving to the Lord and His missionary work. But the church has changed immensely, and even when 'Communism' stole Christian
principles and tried to do it with man leading rather than the Lord, and they have failed. For it is impossible to join a commune or a
communist nation (or capitalist nation) without giving up freedoms. Only with the Lord do you gain by entering his nation, and no
nation on Earth can claim that label. NONE.

And no nation on earth will allow foreigners to come in NOW and set up a Jonestown commune. You might get away with it for a
while, until you invest thousands of dollars on your isolated community, but then they will shut you down, or a foreign power will
come and shut you down. And your community and life investments will be lost because of your naive immaturity, IMO.

Idealism is great but it surely has to be mixed with realism from the Lord and has to conform to His supernatural
Gathering, rather
than us trying to do it in our own power.

So NO, I am not trying to get us together to form a commune. Individually I would encourage us to group together individually in
individuals private homes descreetly to coommune temporarily together, and even have sexual meetings together. All according to
personal choice and personal responsibilities. With absolutely no force from any of us here on line. The thing we are supposed to be
teaching and learning in my opinion, is not group faith, but individual strong powerful
FAITH. And when we get to that point, then
we can have the power to individually gather. Group faith just doesn't work and will never work.. only an individual connection to
the Lord will ever make us strong enough to succeed. Does that make sense to you ?

The Lord will set the rules and regulations in New Jerusalem and before. And only He will decide who is mature enough in heart and
spirit to police themselves inside. The rules will rule, because we will have learned these rules from the hard experiences of real life.
But mere legislated laws and group pressures established by leaders or communal committees can not force New Jerusalem into
conformity. Laws don't work, only the law of love in our hearts will ever succeed.

For again if we ever were so foolish as to gather into a permanent community, we would become the next Wacco, or suffer the same
fate secretly as
OLCC. So let's live on, and keep winning others rather than trying to associate for power and pleasures. As when, we
get strong and powerful, then the outside world will start to get wary of us and turn on us, just as the Romans did to those in Masada.

Our power can not be in the flesh in the physical, with walls or isolation, but our power is in weakness. We seemingly looking weak,
and yet can be strong in spirit inside. In this way being able to pass thru walls supernaturally, heal supernaturally, see
supernaturally, know the future supernaturally, and have supernatural resources come to us, to porvide the power to

For here again, from I have read in prophecy..... the next communal situation before the tribulation, is when the Lord supplies
funding and riches to His sheep to supernaturally gather them. All the shepp will not have the money to come, they will not be all free
to come, even being in jail in many cases. And yet the Lord's leaders of the End Time shall be given riches, temporal riches to
distribute to them, to allow them to be literally REDEEMED, literally ransomed from prisons and their circumstances.

Freeing the Prisoners and  Ransomed of the Lord

In other words, we won't have to give to a central leader at all, and a central leader or guru or preacher will NOT be asking us to
invest in their New Jerusalem. Where we then have to trust him to not spend our money on himself. But biblically, it seems that just
the reverse will be happenning. The Lord's leader will be given riches to be given to the Lord's sheep, to literally redeem them and
literally free them into His Service.

So I and Trixie would say, give to the Lord's missionaries around the world, and to charities, but to not give to any idealistic
commune that is doomed to failure. As for now, keep your individuality and strength and funds, and "Onward Christian Soldiers" til
its time to
Gather together with Him and His annointed leader.

Hope this makes some sense to you. Let's commune with Him rather than start a worldly commune supposedly for Him !!

Love in Jesus

David and Trixie
Don't build a 'Commune'
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