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Let me suggest that there is a greater way to discern truths rather than just word comparisons of Greek, Hebrew, different
translations, meanings or the regular way seminary students or church people study the Lord's Words.

For though the semantic word for word way does help sometimes....( mainly in seeing how different groups have manipulated
words for their own ends)  , the end all or over all product for Christians can be that they think they have to be a cemetarian
seminarian student and researcher to ever figure out a truth. And as we know these types do not know or practise the living
Lord's truths. The Lord said we had to experience to know. We have to live it out to understand. Love is not a theory but an
experience that we gain to know and comprehend from DOING IT.

I would say, word searches can help but they are just that merely a help. Because we can not ever have much faith and
confidence in these maybe sort of, could have been interpreations. Hence usually a researcher will play it safe and resort to
nothingness and inactivity rather than the doing of the Lord's principles.... which includes all love not just sexual love.....and all
our lives and not just our sexual lives or go to a church on Sunday lives.

I would suggest that our MAIN FAITH is from our heart, the law has brought us to Jesus, and having known Jesus' love for us
and others, then leads and guides us through HIS PRINCIPLES OF LOVE. We have to hear His Voice and follow the Holy
Spirit to have a living relationship with HIM, and it is this voice and our actions, blessings and punishments, etc etc... that give
us deep confidence in His laws of LOVE. Its not theoritcal or based on churchy word worship of interpretations, but based on
life and experience according to HIS LIVING WORD, WORD (Different bible verses) and maybe more importantly by the
concepts of all of History. All the morals of every bible story, fit together in forming principles that we can live by, because
our fellow Christians of all ages, experienced similiar instances and the Lord described their cause and result experiences.

We have to have FAITH in our hearts as the bottom line. We have to go out on the limb from experiences and stand our ground
and say HELL NO, that's a LIE. HEAVEN YES, I have experienced it.

Like those of all generations we have to stand on what the Lord says to us with His LIVING VOICE and SPIRIT. It takes balls
and ovaries but all our brethren of the past have done it and we are expected to do it...by FAITH. Unwavering faith so that if a
new translation, interpretation etc appears, we are not shaken.

Just my thoughts.. as you and your heart and life determine whether you got it right and lived it out thoroughly when right.

In His Service

Discernment via Lord's Voice not Semantic Study