David and Joy's

         Deliverance from the Hospital


We were missionaries living in the Philippines, Joy was having contractions and so we packed things together and headed
for the hospital. But having arrived, the nurses weren't aware that our doctor had given me permission to be in on the
delivery and so told me I wasn't allowed into the delivery room. I protested but seeing Joy was so dilated, they rushed her
into the delivery room, right away.

But yet I promised Joy, I would be with her and we had prepared together for this our third baby together. And so I asked an
unknowing orderly down the corridor, where the delivery gowns were kept. And he pointed me in the direction of a closet. I
put on the biggest one I could find, even though they were made for smaller Filippino's., and headed quickly back to the
delivery room where I knew Joy was expecting me to come and to be by her side. So when the not-so-nice nurses weren't
around. I walked in, beside my beloved wife, and we interlocked our arms. We weren't about to be separated !!!  come hell,
high water or even the head nurse.

And she did come and was extremely upset, that I had broken her rule. She told me to leave at once, I said "No way, we are
in on this together".  She then told my wife to tell me to leave. No was the reply. And then in walks our doctor. and  told the
head nurse that it was allright and that I could stay. Besides they knew couldn't break apart our hold on each other.

And within minutes the baby was on its way. It wasn't easy for Joy as childbirth takes so much courage and strength and
involves so much pain. But all seemed to be well enough without any complications. I staying where I belonged by her
side, trying to encourage her. But with the delivery of our baby boy, because just after he came out,  I could see the troubled
faces of the attending nurses trying to clean up our son. There was such a commotion, I left Joy's side and went over to
them. But our son 'M' didn;t look good, he was totally blue, as they told me he had had the umbliical cord wrapped around
his neck in the womb, and he was surely going to die. I took him out if their arms, and told them just to have faith, and
speak faith, as I layed hands on 'M' and prayed out loud for his life.  His blue color instantly started to disappear and
change to pink, as circulation came back into his body. They were agasp, but still were saying he was never going to make
it. They snatched him from me and then continued to clean him up.

I returned to Joy, and told her all was well, and our baby was healthy, even as they rushed him out of the delivery room.  
And yet after they put Joy in another ward and she had time to rest.  I relayed more of the miracle to her… she was so
anxious though and she just wanted her baby in her arms. But they said that was impossible as  as he had to undergo tests.
Joy responded, 'Give me my baby, I want to feed him.'

"We're sorry, ma'am all mothers are to be given anti-biotics to help them heal and prevent infection, and so you need not
breast feed your baby. We shall give hima bottle if needed'. 'What replied', Joy, I don't want any anti-biotics, I want my
baby.' Joy was fuming now, because she could lose her milk if she didn't nurse, and if given anti-biotics knew that it would
contaminate her breast milk. The other mothers in the ward had lost their milk, and Joy was determined not to have it
happen to her.

The hospital doctor came by because of our demands, and talked more about their hospital procedures and policies and
said, he was sure our son would need a double aretoic heart operation, as surely he was need of it because of his condition.
And they wanted our permission to go ahead with it. We said "Absolutely Not,  he will be O.K.,we prayed for him, he will
be fine." Again they refused to even give us our baby.

So I went out to fight against the hospital system, who I had thought would have been on our side and would have yielded
to our wishes, but they adamantly refused. At the main office, I demanded a release form, and only after insisting on it, did
they reluctantly and condescendingly throw them at me for my signature and Joy's signature. I payed the bill, and with
signed papers in hand, literally demanded the release of our son from their grips. And we literally ran to get our baby and
fled from that horrible hospital.

And the surprizing thing about it all, was that it was a Protestant church hospital that supposedly believed in faith and the
Lord. And our baby son 'M' has grown and has been healthy ever since and has never had any heart problems or other
health problems by the Grace of God. So thank the Lord for the greatest doctor and healer in the world and the Universe …

And thank the Lord, for good hospitals sometimes, and good doctors if you can find one, and there are some. But surely, us
Christians, have to put our faith in the Lord who created us and our children  rather than in them or their hospitals And we
should continually pray for both our families health, protection and healing until He Comes.

In Our Opinion

David and Joy
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