A member asked ..... Personally I believe in Christ's mandate to "love one another" so I have been reading the polyamorous blog
sites to learn about the "lifestyle". In just the short time that I have spent looking into it have noticed an overwhelming number of
references to Paganism and BDSM. Is there something inherent in this lifestyle that would be contrary to Gods will or is it just
the normal mixture of differing beliefs and cultures that might be found in any group. Thanks for any insight that you might have.

Awesome question and super important in my opinion .....     So let me for one, give a response to it, because it is a cornerstone, I
believe in accepting sexuality and spirituality. For you see the principle we have to understand to go deeper into truths, is
comprehend that the dark side has tried to take over concepts and ideas as if they themselves invented them or created them. It's a
lie, truth only comes from the Lord. And they only use His Truth to add twists, turns and lies in with it, so as to take credit for
it, and then have the congregation of believers start worshipping them and their god.

The prime example being SEX. The Lord created it, not Mother Nature, nor was it HERE magically via evolution. Yet, they get
believers and those that enjoy sex, to believe it is pagan or sinful and hence one must be a follower of the devil to partake in sexual
pleasure. This because the false church system has left the field totally up to them. The church being anti-sexual, so that a natural
normal person who sees the truth and purity of just sex, sometimes thinks...OH HELL, might as well join up with them, if that is
my only choice. But that's where we come IN, we know the truth about sex and other liberties, and know it comes from the Lord,
so that a natural normal person can honor the truth and partake of sexuality while thanking the Lord not the dark side for these
liberties and truths.

Polygamy is exactly the same, the dam perverted church system has made a man made law that forbids multiple marriages and so
natural normal people that want more think they have to associate with polygamous groups that are rarely Christian. And so
there again, good people can be torn away from FAITH in the Lord of Lords. For the polygamous community, like the sexual
lifestyle community again, usually promotes other gods rather than the LORD.

And then you come to paganism and their truths. Sure nature is to be praised if we understand that the Creator is not Mother
Nature, or the trees, or the outdoors etc... We above all people should worship the creation and more importantly the Creator,
because we KNOW who He is. they stole the idea of honoring Creation, and trying to be part of it. It has and will always be a
CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLE. They did not come up with it, it has been with the Lord's people from the BEGINNING.

But there you go again, the dam false church got so much into building man made structures, that they forgot that our bodies are
the greatest of all creations. They forbid nudity in the outdoors and forbid naked worship, or night time dancing around a fire in
celebration to the Lord, and then the dam dark side pagans came in, and suggest that this is their idea. NO, its a lie. We above all
people should be adept in dancing naked to the Lord and worshipping Him en masse all together or privately as we please.

Yet the systems of this hellish world have forbid it, and so the dark side takes over the liberty that is ours and pretends to
practise this, one must be a pagan. That''s a lie !!!There's is probably very little wrong with what they do, except for the fact that
they worship the wrong god, for the only GOD is Jesus !!  For He alone is love, and no one can truly be polygamous without His
LOVE. No one can truly worship the outdoors and nudity and our body without honoring HIM. And yet they do in pretense
convey that they have truths and in so doing seduce away many of the Lord's people.

Again, women are shut out of spirituality because of the false Paulian patriarchial church system, so they are easy prey for
female religions like paganism and witchcraft, when the Christian religion is as feminine as feminine gets. Its an equality based
truth and not patriarchial at all. Here again, the dam false church system not recognizing the Holy Spirit as female, and so there
dementia to patriarchy hinges and starts and shuts out women. Hence making it possible to easily seduce spiritual women into
false religions that accept

So all in all, you have to watch out for the dark side and the lies, they add to the Lord's TRUTHS, so as to seduce away converts
to their damnable religions. You just have to go deep and understand what the LORD'S TRUTHS really are, and they practise
them within worship and THANKS to HIM.
David Jay Jordan
Dark Side lies added to 'Lord's Truths'
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