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Dancing Free
It was just before dusk set in. The
time was perfect, the sky was blue
and  yet streaks of orange and red
were setting in as it was getting darker.

Anyhow it went like this. I saw  myself with other people in this mountainous place, remote but not too distant. I also saw a
river down below us. And yet there was some terraces above it. The first place I went too, was like a garden but a natural type
one and there on one of these terraces, there was some people sitting down with crosslegged as if they were meditating. This is
just like what this people do, when they are praying in a circle. There weren't many of them but I know they were deep in
prayer. I had the feeling that they knew me as well for they waved at me as I was passing by and then went back to their

Then the second place that I went down to, it was closer to the river, as usual the place looked like a garden as well. It was
connected to the first garden, by a pathway. There were some peole there too. But this time, is more like they were gathering and
chating. As I walked by they too waved at me, as if, it is alright for me to do join them or do anything and they wouldn;t mind
at all. They were so friendly.

Funny though after finishing my inspection, I climbed UPwards, just above where we were before on the garden terrace, to an
open field. It such so beautiful, with long grass flowing in the wind.And beyond it, as far as my eyes can see, I saw a forest.
This huge forest of the Lord and yet, I and we were not afraid. Others joined me and we were all so free. We could jump and
dance, bouncing like little children, leaping and dancing as if we can't get enough of it. There, I saw David and I can see
his clothing just flowing as when he leaps. He is one of the others who dance and leap raising their hands as high above
their heads, while their clothing flowing. And it is see through but no one seems to care. I joined them and I dance and leap
as well like they do. The feeling is wonderful. Free and the feeling is liberating and intoxicating.

The dream ended.

Love you ALL


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