I was in this Greek-style Inner Court but the whole
courtyard and buildings were circular. And it was all
centered around a circular pond and a botanical garden
that was lead down to by six steps.The pool was clear
and beautiful, and I had the impression it was a healing
pool, like in Jerusalem where the angels stirred the
waters and whoever dipped themselves into it would be

 I walked across this lower level and on the otherside, and saw this large crystal projecting upwards. I remember it being on
the third step up. I  and took it out of its holder which was a circular hole inside one of the steps. Yet examining the crystal, I saw
it was square on the bottom, but pyramidal on top. I was deep in thought as to how the square crystal got into the round hole.
And while holding it in my hands I heard a voice, a man's voice, telling me to put back the crystal. I turned around and saw an
old man wearing a brown robe with a staff in his hand. I thought he was going to be mad at me, because I had the feeling that
no one was allowed to remove the crystal from its place. But he seemed pleased that I had done it. And so he just gently said,
"Put it back now" and as he pointed skywards, he said, "Look up". I did and I remember it being towards the Northwest. It was
evening and I remember him pointing distinctly towards the Northwest.

 There, I saw two stars already aligned, and another one closeby approaching them from the West. The stars were beautiful
and I remember I never blinked my eyes. And then they all aligned together in unison, which cause a brilliant burst of light
towards us. But it was aimed at the crystal

 And when this happened, a powerful beam of light streamed towards us hitting the crystal. But instead of scattering out
everywhere, the crystal reflected it perfectly back into the sky. The old man then said, "Wait and Watch" as we both continued
looking upwards.

 Then right where the beautiful reflected beam had been, the sky opened up, just as if a window had been opened. And within I
could see the green lush vegetation, which I just knew, had to be in Heaven. I was looking at a vision of Heaven in the clouds. It
was so alive and such a beautiful place and so green. I could almost feel it. The caretaker of the Crystal was so pleased that I
was able to see it, and the dream ended.

 This is exactly what I saw

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