All right, I have to go to the dentist for some cleaning, Fine, but Trixie won't let me go until I spruce up, have a shave,
shower, and put on her specially selected cologne. I fight it, as usual, as I figure if they don't like the real au naturel me, what
the heck.... me being your typical dumb man.

So I walk in the door and say HI, to the receptionist, and take off my coat, but before I can sit down, she says, 'Whew, what
kind of cologne do you have on ? Its amazing? I like it' My mind whirls and I am caught off guard, as women don't say such
things to me. So I kind of stammered a bit and said, 'My wife selected it for me, it's to attract women'. She said, 'Its working'
Gulp, goss, my mind whirled some more, as to what I should say next, but we were in a dentists office so my options were
limited, and so I just sat down, and mentally went over a few fantasies. My thoughts being pure as always, YEA Right.

Anyway I got my teeth cleaned and then the accountant booker lady was outside at the desk as I am about to pay, and she
also says the same thing about my seducing cologne.

OH MY, where have I been all these years, why not put on more cologne and try to attract'em when my looks surely isn't
doing the trick. Women love smell, probably even before sight. They like cleanliness and aroma's that make their minds
dance and knees quake.

And if we men want to attract'em, why not use IT, even if it doesn't smell good to us. Cause the best colognes are ones that
attract women, and who knows that better than women ... not us men. We probably will pick out a musk that makes us think
we are manly but one that might not attract the more beautiful gender.

So consider, taking your girlfriend, matess, or wife to the store to pick out a seducing fragrance. One that turns them on, ...
for it might surely also turn on other women.

Just a thought, but I reckon I'll probably backslide into my old ways, if Trixie doesn't reinspire me to use the COLOGNE OF
LOVE. Nothing like having a bunch of women following you in the MALL, following your fragrance. There I go dreaming

All things are possible if we only believe and have the right cologne ON.

Secret Sexy Weapon ... Cologne
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