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From: Wisevirgin
Subject:The Club of Rome & the Committee of 300
To: SexySpiritualChristians@yahoogroups.com
Received: Monday, March 7, 2011, 8:12 PM


Might wanna pay close attention to the videos on this page.

They are one of the 3 major groups that depict how things that are now happening in the world were well planned out years
before !!!


The LINK was good in a way, Richard. It gives information on how the dark side is planning its world take over.... EXCEPT
for THIS.

In and of itself it is NEGATIVE and leads most Christians into deplorable nationalism and patriotism or into the lie of being
raptured. Both, complete deceptions.

This especially true concerning church people as they are told that their country (usually Western) is Christian. That's a lie, as
no country is Christian, only individuals. So with this NWO information, they tell themselves that their godly country will not
yield to globalization, and will fight it, by fighting the Islamics, the Commies, the Chinese, the heathen, etc etc.... They think
they can change prophecy by being patriotic to their god dam waring country, and by invading and killing more enemies.

Otherwise they fall into the trap of continuing to do NOTHING and just sitting in pews being righteous and holy in their
minds, preparing themselves for a magical rapture that will take them out of this bad cruel world. They have never served the
Lord, never fought a battle in the SPIRIT, and have never been part of the solution, yet think they will be delivered from what's
ahead because of their self righteousness.

A terrible deception, but that is what they believe, because that is what they want to believe. So, Richard, there you be....
pacificists or activists, they totally miss the MARK and the purpose of the End Time. WHY because they do not know the
POSITIVE and why the Lord designed the End Time to increase our FAITH and demonstarte our FAITH, grow our FAITH
and concsolidate all our FAITH together.

They do not know about the GATHERING, The EXODUS, the TWO WITNESSES, OUR END TIME BATTLES and
GLORIOUS FIGHT to the FINNISH. We are conquerors even as we go down swinging. We are not whoosies and churchies,
but real warriors for the Lord. It is the greatest time imagineable because it was designed and destined to be such by the Lord of
History. Its a climax, a consummation, the greatest ending possible. It is NOT the negativity of the NWO taking over, but us
joining together in LOVE to be greater than THEM. Love fighting and winning over hate and selfishness and the MARK.

We have a PLAN and a PURPOSE and a DESTINY, we have the SOLUTION and the LORD and HIS PROPHECY is that

The church people do not know about the POSITIVE, of what's ahead, only about how bad the NWO order is, the 300, Rome
Club, Illuminati, Masons etc. etc..... This we should know but even more we should know the POSITIVE and the SOLUTION
to the dam negative.

The future is something to look forward to, as a runner awaits the firing gun, the athlete awaits the opening tip off or pitch etc.
etc. This is the time all the prophets and men and women of God wanted to live in, because it is the most exciting and the most

It is the greater LIGHT as the world grows darker. It is not depression in watching these events, but inspiring knowing we
know the plan.

These dam perverted clubs and organizations are of the devil, but they have been GIVEN the right and power to take over, so
why overly study the negative, when we have the positive.

We have the POWER to fight and succeed, even when we seemingly lose, we WIN.

Onward Christian Soldiers.

Club of Rome