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Christos Angle descent to Petra
Our brethren in the past were asked to journey towards Jerusalem, the City of Peace, whereas we are told to journey by
FAITH away from Jerusalem to the place prepared for us by the Lord, Petra.

Abraham was asked to go out from Ur to the land of promise, and when his children from Issac and then Jacob, got
imprisoned in Egypt, the Lord inspired Moses to lead them back to the promised land. For just as the
Great Pyramid, there
was built by the Lord's design and people as a prophetic Marker to show the Lord's Second Coming, so the very angle up
the GRAND GALLERY to the KING'S CHAMBER, the Christos Angle of 26.3 degrees, is also an exact timeline frame for
the very life of CHRIST.

And using this very same
Christos Angle of descent from Jerusalem, we will arrive at Petra, where the Lord has told us to
flee to in the End Times. This because it will be taken over as the religious headquarters of the Anti-Christ in the End Time.
And so we are told
Flee to Petra, back along the same King's Highway as the Children of Israel took. It being at an exact
right angle from the road or line from Egypt that our first brethren took.

Coincidence, I think not, but by the Lord's exact Design.

David Jay Jordan