Chemistry to Sacred Geometry

The Lord created the elements and all living things, but He started with the basic fundamental building blocks…atoms. And
so to do this, He established His Laws, not Mother Nature's Laws. He created an electron, to spin around a proton, and that
in and of itself is an absolute mystery and wonder, when the electron almost travels at the speed of light and yet does not fly
out of its orbit around the nucleus.

And yet as the Lord went from 1 electron to the 92 natural occurring electrons, He had to do according to the balance and
symmetry, He is so famous for. For with each successive electron addition, the Lord placed them according to another one of
His Sciences, …Sacred geometry. What is sacred geometry, merely the divine proportion and spacing and patterns and
DESIGN that creates symmetry and balance, that is so evident in either the micro- atomic realm or His macro planetary
realm. (SEE Phi spiral of the Universe)

And yet because stability dictates that electrons should also have spin as well revolutions around a nucleus, the next electron
has to have a complimentary spin, a gender completion spin that balances out the other and gives them both together
fulfillment and balance. This just as in our realm of sexuality where a male and female balance out each other and compliment
perfectly each other. And hence we have a two electron element, beyond the one electron called
Hydrogen that is stable and a gas.

Hence with two electrons we have a line of polarity and balance, with a new electron in the next ring, we have an outer active
ring that needs completion and hence desires other electrons to mate with and cohabit with.

Eight electrons being complete and stable and forming a SQUARE, a square having eight corners or points, equidistant from
every other point, meaning it also is stable and balanced. A Square being one of the Platonic solids. What is a Platonic Solid,
well it is a solid stable shape of matter, idealized and conceived by Plato, who learned this concept from the Egyptians who
learned this concept and truth of biology and geometry from the Lord. For remember no knowledge comes from man except
what the Lord reveals to them. They didn't think it up themselves and didn't invent Platonic solids even though Plato put his
name on them. These five solids are the basic fundamental shapes possible in geonetry, and lo and behold all of them have
been found as creations of the Lord. All these solid are in the living created world that the Lord created.
Sexual Chemistry