David Jay Jordan's

                                   Can Gays (and Lesbians) be Christians ?

Why do people clasify themselves or others as Straight, Gay  or Bi, when that should have very little to do with anything when it
comes to Christianity. Our hearts and souls and motivations, should be the determining factor for righteousness should it not ? And
when you research and study the Judgment on Sodom, you'll find out gay activity was not the reason why the Lord condemned
them. Their sin was pride and selfishness and not mere gay sexuality. (See
Sins of Sodom)

There are definitely 'sexual sins' that arise from our unloving hearts but it is not restricted to only one oreintation. The orientation is
not the evil part as that is what we are created with. And yet even if we do our best, we still shall fall short, for none among us are
absolute saints and angelic whether in any of these groupings. So can we accuse others ? NO !! Is there a right and proper sexuality ?
NO !! Everything is determined by whether we choose to 'love one another' in all aspects of our lives.

And even though, I, personnally, am against '
Anal Sex' as I don't think, it's clean, is that enough to keep someome from being my
brother or sister in the Lord. I think not !  Just because they engage in a sexual act that I wouldn't join them in, whether heterosexual
or homosexual or bisexual. is that enough for me to call them 'RACCA'....  I think not. What they do is basically between them and
their God and their mate or mates.

The biggest issues in our lives are not our sexual preferences. That is Not who we are. That is not a determining factor in 'Eternity' if
you ask me. Therefore we shouldn't be artificially grouped into different encampments according to our sexuality, when our
spirituality is so much more important. The condition of our heart is what matters in my opinion.  Our heart orientations is what
matters !!

In the Heavenlies, there  won't be rows of gays on the left, straights on the right, and bi's down the middle. It's sheep versus goats
and not heteros versus gays. For from what I have experienced in life, heterosexuals can be pretty sinful if you ask me. And their
heterosexual alignment from what I have seen doesn't  quarantee entrance into the Lord's encampment. Why because the only saving
GRACE for ALL is Jesus, whether it be for heteros. bi's or gays or lesbians. The only unforgiveable sin being the 'sin against the
Holy Ghost, and that's not concerning sexuality.  Consequently if there's someone in any of these groupings who has received the
Lord and has and is acting in love towards others, who are we to deny that they aren't saved or redeemed. Gays and Lesbians and
bi's can be saved !!!!

But  you may say, 'they willingly go on sinning, and haven't changed their ways, meaning their sexual ways'. But I say unto you,
which of us has not sinned sexually and in the heart and motivation after our 'salvations.' Who among us is pure, except the Lord ? If
any are hateful, vile or unloving to others, then we might have a case against them. But if our only accusation against them is their
orientation, then surely we ourselves are quilty of falsing accusing our brethren. (See
Law of Love)

We shouldn't be labeling ourselves into these artificial sexual groupings to describe our very being. The Lord does not just accept
heterosexuals. He acceptsd all that have a good heart and those that love Him. Celebrate Christians or married Christians are not
automatically better than 'swinging Christians' or vice versa. It depends on their hearts. Neither are married Christians better than
single Christians, or Western Christians better than those from Eastern countries. For whom the Lord died for is 'saved' if they have
received him. For didn't the Lord also say to Paul, who was a murderer of Christians, that he should call no man unclean. (Acts
10:28) So if Paul and King David were murderers, and yet by repentance and faith in the righteousness of the Lord got saved and
cleaned, can not anyone be cleaned if the Master cleans them ? (John 13: 10)

Isn't our Christianity the most important issue here? Shouldn't we be concerned more about what our relationship with our Spiritual
Husband than the 'mere flesh'. For seeing we are suppose to be married to Him, first and foremost, shouldn't He be our main focus
rather than His other Brides. Did not Peter get rebuked by the Lord for complaining about effeminate John, and just tell him, 'What
is that to thee (Peter), follow thou Me !!!  (John 21: 22)

Aren't we suppose to be more concerned about someone's Christian love rather than their sexual love. I'd  rather they describe
themselves as Christians before they declare their sexual preference, wouldn't you ? So isn't the major choice in our lives NOT
whether we are gay or heterosexual or something in between, but whether we choose the Lord or Not and whether we choose to love
and help those we meet along the way.

Can Gays be saved, YES. Can Heterosexuals be saved, YES. Can Bisexuals be saved, Can lesbians be saved YES.

David Jay Jordan

PS) There's
lots of sexes and sex in life, so let's thank the Lord for the diversity, and thank the Lord of Lords, Jesus, for His  gift of
life called '
Salvation' and then get on with life.
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