David Jay Jordan's

                Calling on the (SACRED) Name of the Lord

To make further comments concerning this absolutely important topic of calling upon the NAME of the
LORD...out loud, or verbally and not just silently in our hearts, can I refer to the comments in the reposting
original posting.


Paul indicated that in the early days all the Lord's seekers practiced such calling.(Yes exactly, even when they
didn't know the exact name like we do, and like the High Priest in the Temple eventually did through Moses
and Aaron) Undoubtedly, he was on who practiced this, since he charged his young co-worker Timothy to do
this that Timothy might enjoy the Lord as he did. (Not exactly because it wasn't for personal pleasure as
knowing the Lord's personal name is very dangerous and something not to be toyed with, because it has great
POWER as well as Great PENALTIES for its misuse ...Thou shall not take the Name of the Lord in vain ..or
for frivilous reasons or for greed or for whatever reasons outside the Will of God)

The Greek word for 'call on' is composed of 'on' and 'call' (by name); thus, it is to call out audibly, even loudly,
as Stephen did (Acts 7:59-60) (Yes exactly, it is direct communication with the Lord, and used in respect and
for definite purposes such as healing, miracles, hearing from the Lord etc.)


The NAME of the Lord is extremely important because as suggested in the Bible and told more clearly in
esoteric Jewish scriptures and from written Jewish history, the scared ineffable Name of the Lord was so Holy
and Powerful that it was kept secret and only said once a year on the Day of Atonement in the Temple by the
High Priest. It was called the tetragrammaton, or fourletter name of God YHWH. From Genesis , it is said that
from the Lord's Name of 4 consonants the vowels being secret and their exact pronounciation being secret, that
from these letters of Y-H-W-H adding up to the great Number (in the Trinagle of the Trinity) 72, all things
were made. because the Lord GOD just spoke and things were created, through His all powerfull Name. And
accordingly because every created thing is subservient and dependant upon the name of the Lord for its very
existence then it MUST OBEY any command in the NAME of the LORD. This is a LAW of God and
NATURE. This is why calling upon the Name is so important. If you know it and say it in the Will of God, it
has to happen, it is the LAW of GOD. Straight-forward and simple.

The name denotes the person. Jesus is the Lord's name, and the Spirit is His person. When we call, "Lord
Jesus," we receive the Spirit. (True as the Lord's Name is Jesus in English and the spirit world is multilinqual
and knows the Creator's name no matter what language it is spoken in because they also know the intent of the
heart. And if any are in tune with the SON, the Creator, they know it and fear because they are subservient to
us, in the POWER of the Lord's Name.

In Hebrew however, the name of the Lord is Yeshua, or Yahushua which is a little more exact. And in scared
terms this is known as the Pentagrammaton (SEE
Pentagrammaton and 444 ) and/or the Tetragrammaton onto
which the Spirit of SHIN has been added. Thus making YHWH into YHSWH, the five letter sacred name that
has the Spirit incorporated into the flesh. And we know this to be
MESSIAH, the spirit come in the Flesh, or the living Word as stated so clearly in John 1.

For now we can call upon the name of our personal Savior and Creator of the World to whom all worlds are
subservient if we call unto Him in love and respect due His Holy Name. So thank God we can call unto Him
and be shown mighty things and do mighty things as Jeremiah the prophet said (Jeremaih 33:3) and which all
the other prophets New and Old have said.)

So do 'Call on the Scared Name of JESUS'


February 27, 2001
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