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                                       Bisexual Angel making Love  (Dream)

Trixie dreamt that we were on a tropical island, a type of resort where it was literally paradise. We were brought there with others,
but before registration, a couple took us aside, with the beautiful girl taking us inside one of the rooms. She was absolutely gorgeous
and sexy. (See trixie's other dreams at
Dreams and Visions)

She gave my wife a big hug, and my wife responded with a heart felt hug. The girl kissed her on the cheek and they both started
mutually kissing and then caressing. me I was apparrently just watching and enjoying..... as they then started kissing each other on
the nipples and then the pussies. It was amazingly beautiful, as my wife was totally turned on by the girls love and 'welcome' for us.
But then as things flowed, and as they began to make love, she had a 'peter' had slid right into my wife so easily and naturially, so
that my wife still can relive exactly that wonderful penetration. They finnished and then thgirl who had the peter, who before had the
pussy, then became all girl again, and started to kiss, fondle and excite me until we made love.

My wife apprecaiating this at close range, amazed that her peter had returned to a pussy. But as I was enjoying myself, somehow we
were told that our token for being able to stay at the resort was giving the girl my sperm....and it had to be 'clear' and not cloudy for
entry. But dear, darling, I am enjoying this tooo much, said I, and she said Come on you can do this climax, darn ya.' tthe girls
partner or husband or angelic mate was also waiting outside for my contribution....... and so the dream or vision ended...

I'm sure I missed a few of the details, but with all of my wifes spiritual dreams she can relive them with perfect memory.


Hmmmm I don't know what your opinion is of Trixie's dream is, but let me add a few of my thoughts to her dream... because firstly,
when you do the studying, you find out that angels are androgenous, meaning they are hermaphroditic containing sexual organs of
both sexes..... or can change from one sex to another.

Very interesting as there definitely is sex in heaven, and with hermaphroditic angels they could love whoever they meet without
favourtism to males or females. So when this girl in Trixie's dream changed from male when making love to her,... to female when
making love to me.... that is very possible. And it can also show that we, who should be greater than angels can not have personal
bias against our own gender, and bisexuality might be heavenly.

But what about having to give semen to qualify for entry into paradise. Strange but that's is definitely a component of sexual
ceremonies.... semen being the physical parallel of WORD, or even what we are our WORD and what we truly believe in. So that our
semen is who we are in liquid form, and creative form.... So maybe that is why, they had to identify me and us by my sperm.... or your
sperm or a woman's ejaculation etc...

But why did the sperm have to be clear rather than the usual cloudy or milky. I don't know, but maybe it is because we have to be
changed spiritually so that our DNA literally becomes different... a third triple helix strand added so that our sperm is clear rather
than incomplete and unspiritual as with the cloudy sperm.

I don't know, but the dream is etched into my wife's memory, and her dreams have proven to be true...... and from what I have read
a lot of this makes sense...and it was sexy and sex and unity is a part ofthe unity and love we need in the ENDTIME.

What do you think ?