David Jay Jordan's

                  Big John and the Church Girls

John, was a big black guy who was on my basketball team in university way back when. We became
best friends. And oh how the girls loved big bad John. Ha even though he wasn't that co-ordinated on the
court, he sure must have been off or there must have been something special about him.

Anyway I in my innocence invited John to an Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship Retreat. I didn't see much
of John during the whole affair, the various meetings etc. etc until it was time to get together to head
home. He of course, was waving to a few of the church girls as they were heading off to their respective
universities and I didn't think it too out of the ordinary, but then again he sure got a lot of hugs and kisses,
on parting and they sure didn't appear to be 'agape' hugs.And so afterwards he turns and says to me,
'Dave, thanks for inviting me, I had a great time with eight girls this week-end."

"John," I think I replied, "Not here, did you ? You did, how could you?" I mean  how could they ? (Cause
I knew how he could !!) .... he just smiled.

So what is the moral of this story ? And what does this all mean and show .....    Besides Big (not so bad)
John's virility ... Are church girls as normal and natural as other  girls ? And is even their morality, based  
on their cirumstances and opportunities ? Are people of one color attracted to those of another color ?
Does this bring the world closer together or further apart ? Is love right or wrong when at a church
retreat ?

 Hmmmm..... You go first and say what you think it means .....

 David Jay Jordan
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