David Jay Jordan
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January 31, 2011

From my perspective, I would say prophecy states that YES, the US economy goes into a spin and almost fails, but war as
usual keeps it afloat until its war mongering has to be stopped.

Russia becoming the popular hero or worldly Saviour that steps in, and so called liberates the world from petepual war that
America needs to keep its war indistries oiled and running. The Mid East War being along these lines as it obeys worldly
Israel's wishes.

Egypt is now unstable and falling, so Israel has to do something. Attack Lebanon, attack Iran, attack Syria, squash some more
Gaza, and protect the Egyptian border all at once.

A "Daniel Peace Covenant" will definitely be needed to solve all these wars and fronts. Besides without a 3rd Temple worldly
Israel can not be considered by its elite as a religious nation. That's what they need, and that is the bargaining chip to gain them
security for a rebuilding of the temple.

The times they are a changing, and it will happen fast and furious, and yet this war unlike the quick takeover and supposed
quick occupation will have its violence escalate to effect the whole world.

The econmies of the world based on war will falter but will hold somewhat until later at the end of 2012, the AC Russia's new
leader shall nuke or negate the US, and then it will be no more, as the NWO destroys its own in order to gain the whole world,
just as the Lord promised them in 'prophecy'. Then the dollar will be no more, and THEN the world leader, the AC can install
the MARK system of currency and compliance to his NWO. No one will be able to buy or sell without his good citizen of the
world MARK. We will refuse, as we know the Lord's PLAN and will not sell our soul.

Prophecy is set in stone and will happen. Our choices are to follow the Lord and be useful to HIM til the End and
GATHERED before the END.

Onward Christian Soldiers.


Beginning of Failures Over-view