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'Becoming gods' takes time & effort

Simple Salvation is really quite easy, as a person appears
to only need to receive the Word of God, which is Jesus, the
living WORD. They merely need to recognize the fact that
they need a Saviour because of their sins and receive the only
Saviour that can take away their sins……

This is repeated over and over again in scriptures and said
very plainly in John Chapter 1. Yet what most people don't
realize is that after receiving the Salvation or the Seed, or the
Word , or the spiritual DNA, the Lord wants us to grow and mature.
For doesn't it say...

But as many as received Him (Jesus) to them gave He POWER to 'BECOME' the sons of God, even to them
that believe on His Name. (John 1:12)

For even though many of us, have read this verse, if you understand it in a deeper sense, you might realize
that the LORD wants to make us gods, which is the same as 'sons or daughters of God'. Because as Jesus
said ' .
Is it not written in your law, I said,
Ye are gods? If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God
came, and the scripture cannot be broken;    ...  John 10:34

In other words, if we get saved through SALVATION, his saving grace then He can empower us to become
'gods and goddesses'. This is small g NOT captial G, for we are not divine but He is, and our divinity is only
because of him. Because as John 1:12 says, this empowerment comes from believing on His All-powerful

But again we know that His Name (the
Pentagrammaton) according to the truth of Jeremiah, our brethren
in the Lord who said

In those (
End-Time) days shall Judah be saved and Jerusalem shall dwell safely (in the wilderness) and this
is the NAME wherewith SHE (the
BRIDE)  shall be called, the LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS ......   
(Jeremiah 23: 16 & Jeremiah 33:16).

So to grow, to get His power , we need only to believe in His rigtheousness and NOT our own, then we are
free to obey him without regards as to what others may think ...and only regard what HE thinks. We will
have the power to love without bounds.

And furthermore if we know His All-powerful Name and now it effects all creation by stating it with total
and absolute faith and knowledge, because of it's power and again NOT our own we can perform miracles in
accordance to His WILL. And His Will is to save and help His lost sheep, so that's gives us our jobs and our
means and our POWER.

Yet, it's only for a few, because as Jesus said many of His seeds fell on bad ground, and even a lot of them
fell on ground that received them yet the growth was withered by the cares of this world and the systems and
the religions of this world. But some seed fell on good ground, fertile ground, and grew and became
POWERFULL according to His seed according to His WORD, His DNA and pattern. (Luke 8) For again as He
said, 'Strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth to life and FEW there be that find it. (Mathew 7:

So Salvation is simple, but to grow and become a 'god or goddess' of His takes time and effort

In His Service

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