The Lord's women seem usually to be beautiful and sexy and enticing. They were not all modest and unappealing and in the
background. The lineage to Jesus and from Adam to Abraham to King David was filled with sexy beautiful women.

For to start with which woman is more beautiful and naked and enticing than EVE. Who among all women today is more natural
and unihibited in their total created glory than EVE was. And she did give birth to good seed, and not just the bad seed of Cain.
She and Adam did learn their lessons of love and life, and did receive the faith in the Son of Man to come that would take away
their sins. So don't accuse Eve, for with her outward beauty she got inward beauty.

And don't ever overlook the exact lineages of who begat who in GENESIS, because it showed the exact years between generations
right up to King David. There are no missing links just an exact timeline of beauties being impregnated and obeying the first
commandment to make love and reproduce.

For again Sarah was an absolute beauty, who's beauty Abraham used to entice the Pharoah. Sure Sarah had her shortcomings and
wasn't fruitful until she learned to have love (for Hagar and others), but it can not be denied that she was beautiful and sexy.

And what about red blooded real men like Moses and the other patriarchs that just couldn't resist what the Lord created to be
desired and loved. Sometimes it got them in trouble, but was not Samson and his desire for women from the Lord. Didn't most of
them have more than one wife ? Which of them was asexual, for if they were they didn't get into the lineage of the Lord.

Did not King David have many wifes, and did no the his lineage to Solomon go through Bathseba who was so beautiful that even
from a distance King David could not resist her.

Our women's beauty has saved our people and the Lord's lineage. Was not ESTER, the most beautiful of all the maidens in the
land, and did she not dance totally naked to show off her beauty that the Lord created. Was it not for the Lord's purposes and
within His WILL. wasn't.

Did not the beautful Moabite, RUTH, seduce Boaz by uncovering his feet and more in the storage shed. Was she not an ancestor
to Jesus's birth and in the lineage.

So don't give me or us, the Paulian crock that our women are suppose to be modest and in hiding in the background. They are to
be as sexy as they feel and as sexy and beautiful as the Lord created them, even if their greatest beauty is within. Our women can
flaunt what the Lord has given, if their heart is right and they give credit to the Lord for everything they have.

As in the past, so in the present and the FUTURE. Our women can be sexy and inticing and winsome to others for the sake of

Amen ?

And all the sisters said ...
David Jay Jordan
Beautiful Sexy Biblical Women
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