Church Christians favour the worldly country of Israel that took on the name, Israel mainly because they hjave been deluded into
thinking the Lord has a chosen class of people that are are automatically better than others simply because of their birth. But this
is not what the BIBLE says. For the Lord has no favourites, and all of worldly Israel shall not be saved, even though Paul hoped
his countrymen would be. Why because ALL have to individually choose the chosen ONE Jesus. And when they do they become
Christians and no longer are Jewish. So let's go over, Paul's unfortunate verse that 'All Israel shall be saved.' that gets church
Christians the excuse they are looking for to not believe what the Lord has said over and over and over again about ONLY
individuals coming to HIM and not groups or whole nations.

We have to Choose

 Salvation is from our direct personal choice in choosing the CHOSEN ONE JESUS.         

 No group or nation, or religion like the Jewish one is more special or priviledged or chosen than any other person on EARTH.
We are all equal with HIM and all must choose. This is just a BASIC straight forward BIBLICAL TRUTH. Upon this principle
hinges so many other. WE ALL must choose, God is not a racist or a sexist nor does He have His favourites. All must make a
personal intimate heart choice and decision to accept HIM, if they do not then they are NOT HIS.

 No group ever gets saved as a group, because it takes personal faith and not groupy group faith to enter into the sheep fold of
the Lord.
Group Faith versus Individual Faith

 Yet the dumb blind racist elitist, church system loves to hear about a hierarchy where they can ride the coat-tails of the
supposed chosen ones, the worldly Israeli's. Yet Israel has always represented the individual choice of Jacob to fight for and
wrestle to get SALVATION and the BLESSING, by choice. Jacob became Israel, and got his new NAME by choice and the
action of choice. It was not done for HIM, he had to make it and only then did he become Israel.

  Heritage matters not, what your parent or parents did, matters not, Salvation is not in your blood automatically nor in the blood
of a group or a nation that says they are special by bloodlines. Every individual has to CHOOSE. NO individual automatically is
chosen and special and annointed.

 Yet Paul, who loved the nation of worldly Israel, stated that
ALL ISRAEL shall be saved.... Romans 11; 26

 But it is not written, for only individuals who choose salvation get saved...not whole countries. For every country has gone
astray, and every country will go astray. None are righteous. Yet Paul's desire for a strong worldly power like what the scribes
and pharisees wanted, will not happen. The Lord will not have a Christian country rule until the LORD TAKES over the whole

But Paul's unfortunate remarks allowed by the Lord to be put into the LORD'S WORD yet again guives the churchies the excuse
they need to believe what they want to believe. They loving worldly power and so unashamedly stating that Israel as a nation is
righteous, and even though they do the most violent deeds must be worshipped and praised and recognized as the chosen and
special with the LORD. For herein they can excuse the extreme nationalism and patriotism that America and Western countries
and Israel rely on, when starting new wars of greed.

 The Lord has given them the excuse they desire.... or as is written the strong delusion 2 Thess 2: 11 And for this cause God shall
send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had
pleasure in unrighteousness.

 For they get great pleasure and self esteem from bragging about how they defeated other countries in economic wars and the
wars of their making. They have pleasure in unrighteousness and chide any that do not believe in their chosen status as the
world's peace makers as they start new and greater wars.It was all by DESIGN though, as the LORD always gives people an
excuse for what they truly want to believe, and yet the LORD IS THE JUDGE and will judgwe all for their personal decisions or
NOT making personal decisions.

In His Service

David Jay Jordan
All Israel shall not be saved
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