Health and Healing

                            Accidents, Doctors and Hospitals

(The following are guidelines and suggestions not rules or laws)

            Accidents don’t just happen without a reason.—Especially not to Christians,
            God’s children who love Him. For example, catching a cold: They are usually
            either brought on through carelessness or simply because you didn’t take the
            necessary precautions to prevent them.

            Most accidents do not just “happenâ€� – they are caused! If you avoid the
            conditions that cause accidents, then you’ll avoid most accidents. The rest, of
            course, God has to do, because the Devil can attack you with illnesses and
            accidents that are beyond your ability to avoid.

            To stay away from trouble is the best way to prevent it, like the story told about
            the drivers who applied for a job as a chauffeur for a rich man. He put them all
            through a test, asking them to see how close they could drive to the edge of a
            precarious cliff safely. So each of these expert drivers drove the limousine as
            close to the edge as he could, very cleverly and skillfully and carefully without
            falling over the edge. Finally as the last driver got in and, after staring up the
            limousine, veered way over to the opposite side of the road from the precipice and
            drove as far away from the edge as he possibly could. The rich man said, “You’ve
            got the job! That’s how to drive safely close to the edge!—Don’t drive anywhere
            near it!â€�

            How do you prevent accidents?—By making it impossible for them to happen, by
            totally avoiding dangerous conditions or circumstances as much as possible!

                             Medicines, Doctors and Hospitals

            Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, a noted American doctor from Chicago, wrote recently, “I
            dearly wish that someday a drug would come onto the market which actually
            cured the condition for which it was prescribed and which had no side effects or
            adverse reactions. But unfortunately, as I learned long ago, when chemicals are
            put into the body, their effects cannot be limited to merely the area for which they
            are intended. A medication that acts on one system will usually affect other
            systems as well, and while one disease condition may be cured by use of a drug,
            another disease may be activated!â€�

            â€œHospitals are the last place a person should go. You can pick up germs from the
            sick people who frequent public hospitals, that you can’t get anywhere else in
            town!â€�—Dr. Robert Mendelsohn.

            Most people these days have gotten so accustomed to taking medicines, pills
            etc., that the whole idea of experimental chemical drugs seems perfectly “naturalâ€�
            and “normalâ€� to them. But medicine can be regarded the same way as accidents:
            The best way to avoid accidentally getting the wrong medicine or the wrong dose
            of medicine that will hurt you is just don’t take any!

            The Lord is able to heal you from anything, if you have the faith to trust Him!
            God’s healing is not only safer and surer, but it’s also far less expensive. If you
            need healing, please read our article “Healing In His Wings,â€� which can tell you
            how to obtain God’s healing in your life!

            Doctors do have a place when it comes to the mechanical things like fixing
            broken bones etc. But when it comes to the chemical, experimental drugs, when
            they honestly don’t know what the trouble is, but are just trying one medicine
            after another on you, then you’re on dangerous ground, because they could do
            more damage than good.
                                                                                           written by David Berg

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