Continuing on with the stars and their meaning and importance in the Messianic Story and PROPHECY, letâ
€™s take a closer look at the constellation ORION. But do remember that all the constellations were named
by the Lord Himself originally. Hence the Orion is just Greek name of the Hebrew root word Oirion.

It means the conquering Prince, who you should know is JESUS, for Jesus is the Universe’s, One and
ONLY Saviour who has conquered sin through His one and only death on this special Earth back in 29.A.
D. There is no other Messiah in any other realm, the Earth is the Center of the Universe, because Jesus
was born and lived and died HERE to save all the Universe. Why because He Himself is the one who
created it. He is the only deity there is, there are no others anywhere among the stars. They are all creations
and not the Creator like HE IS, and WAS and WILL BE. Jesus is the Great I AM. He is the Prince of
Peace, that conquered through His death on the Cross and will come to rescue His Bride and judge the

That’s the Messianic Story, Brethren, and it is written in the stars. For if there is any group of stars
that you notice this time of year, it is ORION with its bright belt. It stands out and is easy to locate and
visualize into the Conquering Prince, with raised left foot about to crush His enemies beneath His foot.

SEE Graphics and this whole page…. http://www.mt.net/~watcher/newun.html

But don’t consider the false Greek mythology, as it is bogus and has drawn people away from the truth
of who the conquering hero is. Look at the truth of Bible prophecy, as it is illustrated straight from Genesis
and the first prophecy of the Lord written there.

"From now on, you and the woman will be enemies, and your
offspring and her offspring will be enemies. He will crush
your head, and you will strike his heel." Genesis 3:15

In other words, the serpent in the garden was prophesied to be our enemy, until the Lord crushes him
beneath His left foot, and bruises His heel. In the constellation Orphiculus, our enemy is depicted as the
snake the Eagle (Jesus) holds and destroys, but in Orion, the enemy is shown both beneath His left foot
and being held high in his left hand, as a defeated lion carcase. (SEE  2 Esdras 12)

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