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Einstein said, He wanted to prove God'... and Did Christ can be proven The Green Revolution of False Science has failed Darwin admits Catastrophic Events.-Worldwide Flood Womans Birth Cycle absolutely Proves Design Evolution is a Racist Doctrine Evolution teaches and promotes VIOLENCE Illuminati Elite only stud y ' DESIGN '


If we go beyond the speed of Light, then we get into the future.... and we have gotten into the RELATIVITY as Einstein stated because of Einsteins Law which is actually the Lords Law (because scientists never create laws they just discover them).


Einstein and the Speed of Light. Homepage. Flesh and Spirit Equation. Pentagram Spirit over Matter. Jesus is the Creator. Architecture, and Sacred Sex.

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Einstein said "Science (quantitative math, destructive physics, mindless genetics, insane psychology theories and on and on) has brought forth this danger, but the real problem is in the hearts and minds of men.

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Einstein, Creation & the Creator. Who made the Earth Distances. Aliens and Demons. Spiritual Bodies. Evolution is a Scientific LIE. Flying Witches. Giza-London-New ...

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Einstein and Light Speed Stars, Pleaides, Mayans, 2 Witnesses Constellations and a Few Men Wrath and Orion (Coming Prince) Job on Orion, Pleiades, and Archurus Astrology versus Astromical Signs Pleiades, Seven Virgin Sisters Sunrise Light Lord named the Stars 3-D Christos Angle Ramp from the Stars Christos Angle Cydomia Altar on Mars


Einstein Finds God. God is NOT Tricky. The Lord is not Nationalisti c. Equality not Patriarchy. We have to Choose. Reap what we Sow. The Lord hates whimps.

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Einstein was close to uniting and finding God by putting all forces, everything into one Unifying Field Theory, the Theory of Everything. Yet when we have the Lord, we have this long sought after solution to all problems and all forces, scientifically and personally. We don't have to be afraid of knowledge, true knowledge.


as Einstein said, with his E = MC^2,where energy turns into matter, or matter back into energy. Why because the electron is either absorbing or giving off photons. So no wonder Feyman suggests that this constant is written by the HAND OF GOD, because it was and is and will always be written and constant, because it is

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One FORCE that Einstein was looking for. Anyway, back to gravity, because GRAVITY is the force that propels us together, it's a unifying force itself and it can be expressed mathematically by G = C^logN*Phi Consequently Gravity is a function of C which is light speed constant and even Phi or the golden section. But wait a minute,

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