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For even Einstein in his attempts to prove there was one central force and one Creator, discovered the Law of Relativity. And in so doing proved physically that there could be a co-existant spiritual world that parallels simultaneously our world. He proved there was a spiritual dimension, a spiritual world beyond the bounds of space and time.

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SEE Einstein and the Speed of Light And there we can find the One that created Light and its Speed. For Truth is One, Creation fits into One, and He is One, and He is the Son . .


So there must be something to this phenomena, for did not even Einstein work on the 'Philadelphia Experiment' to make a U.S. destroyer invisible. And didn't they accomplish this feat by making the light waves go around the ship, so that it was undetectable. So force fields have everything to do with becoming invisible.


Einstein studied design and decided DESIGN proved the Designer. Feyman studied and got exact equations and the constant and decided the Hand of God wrote the FSC...


standard one where a person gains static electricity and his hair stands on end, giving you the Albert Einstein look. So obviously just as it absorbs odors, it also is an electrical conductor and hence could be a receiver. And so because it can receive electromagnetic waves ((especially certain frequencies used by


One FORCE that Einstein was looking for. Anyway, back to gravity, because GRAVITY is the force that propels us together, it's a unifying force itself and it can be expressed mathematically by G = C^logN*Phi Consequently Gravity is a function of C which is light speed constant and even Phi or the golden section. But wait a minute,


the material world exists. Therefore as Einstein figured out and others have known intuitively, light has a "sacred speed" and because we have already shown that there are sacred distances, and now a scared speed, then of course time is "sacred" meaning every second of time. "But seconds are related to speeds are related to distances?"

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This co-existent spirit world as proven by Einstein really does exist as the Bible states, and there is a time space continuum, that is being broken by the mad scientists with their mad experiments on the 'Philadelphia' and their time


Einstein's famous equation of energy and matter was written E=mc2 In other words, there is a connection between energy (spirit) and matter via light speed squared as c = light speed (SEE Flesh and Spirit Equation) Why because matter came from energy or SPIRIT. The Lord was the CREATOR from the Invisable Spirit World.


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